Community Consulting

COMMUNITY CONSULTING – our team of caring, knowledgeable Medical Co-ordinators provide ongoing education and medical marihuana consultation for our clients, medical cannabis patients, their friends, families, and supporters as well as arrange in-house indigenous community consulting sessions when requested. We also include on-line medical marihauna education awareness information seminars. Turtle Island Holistic Medicines provide complete indigenous family & community holistic health care consulting services executed by a dedicated team of professional medical co-ordinators that emphasize client 1st education and quality product awareness, along with providing an excellent pre-care/after-care customer service program.

Our team is committed to working with all Canadians, Non-Native, First Nation and Inuit indigenous individuals and community leaders across Canada in our joint effort to eradicate the use of opiates, oxycontin, percocets, and so many other harmful prescription drugs that have now created a very serious health crisis in far to many Canadian communities today.

Marihuana is far less addictive and far less subject to abuse than many drugs now used as muscle relaxants, hypnotics, and analgesics. One of marihuana’s greatest advantages as a medicine is its remarkable safety. It has little effect on major physiological functions and there is also no known case of a lethal overdose. Indigenous Medicines, being an empirical art, has not hesitated in the past to utilize a substance first used for recreational purposes for the pursuit of the more noble purposes of healing, relieving pain and teaching us more of the workings of the human mind and body.

Cannabis indica, cannabis sativa, cannabis americanus, Indian hemp and marihuana (or marihuana) all refer to the same plant. Cannabis is used throughout the world for diverse purposes and has a long history characterized by usefulness, euphoria and as a pain reliever. Medical professionals in the western world have forgotten almost all they once knew about the therapeutic properties of marihuana, or cannabis.

Indigenous healers have a long history of using Cannabis, and native plants for a wide variety of medicinal purposes. Medicinal plants and their applications are as diverse as the indigenous communities that use them. Healers serve as facilitators and counsellors as do our own caring, experienced, knowledgeable Medical Co-ordinators in helping our clients heal themselves through legal certification for the use of medicinal marihauna.

We provide complete on-line medical marihuana certification services from anywhere in Canada, regardless of community remoteness and that every community member can afford. We have pledged our commitment to work with each of Canada’s 640 individual indigenous communities and their appointed community Health Care Director’s, working within their own annual health care budgets to help ensure every individual community member has access to, and can afford legal Certification for the personal use of medical marihuana for medical purposes.

We are dedicated to helping patients find effective treatment for chronic and serious conditions through the use of cannabis legal prescriptions and medical marihuana. Our mission is to provide each of our clients with the highest level of holistic medicinal marijauna health care services available in order to promote an improved quality of life through the use of cannabis as medicine that includes individual and community consulting that leads to legal certification that everyone can afford.



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