Medical Co-ordinator

Our dedicated team of Medical Coordinators walk each client through every step of the process to becoming a licensed medical cannabis patient. 

To be eligible for medical marihuana today, you will need to provide medical documentation confirming your diagnosis by a Doctor or a health care practitioner. Turtle Island Holistic Medicines provide each client with a qualified doctor from our Cannabis Care Team, where all have professional & expert knowledge in today’s specialized field of medical marihuana.

Our Medical Coordinating Team is on standby 365 days a year to walk each client through the paperwork processes required to become a licensed medical cannabis patient. Certification paperwork is included in our services for each individual client as we connect you with an approved medical marihuana licensed producer associated with Health Canada. Our services are non-intrusive, comfortable, fast and easy. 

Turtle Island Holistic Medicines provide complete Canadian Medical Cannabis Certification services to Non-Native, Inuit & First Nation individuals as well as provide important indigenous community & family holistic health care consulting services executed by a dedicated team of caring medical coordinators. Our team emphasizes client education, satisfaction & quality product awareness, along with providing an excellent pre-care/after-care customer service program that promotes holistic medical marihuana legal certification that every individual can afford.



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