Our goal is to offer variety and benefits to our member patients making sure that each
personal and confidential subscription transition to natural alternative medicinal medicines
is a painless, transparent, legal and easy, effective personal choice.

Turtle Island Indigenous Medicines recognizes that education will play a pivotal role in assisting
patient and member lifestyles across the country with “natural” pain management goals for both adults
and youth, including responsible and the appropriate use of cannabis/cannabinoids and Hemp Products including CBD oil and topical extractions.

  • Medicinal Marijuana & Pain Treatment Alternatives
  • Canadian Coast-to-Coast Medicinal Cannabis Accessibility
  • Legal and Safe for both Adults and Youth
  • Personalized Patient Registration Process
  • Professional Registered Physicians
  • Connect directly with Canada’s Licensed Producers
  • Individual & Patient ACMPR Self-Grow Consulting

MEDICAL MARIHUANA ACCESS – under the Canadian Federal Government’s new (ACMPR) access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulation Program, all Canadians have access to medical cannabis through a licensed producer who expertly cultivates regulated medical cannabis that is lab-tested for contaminants, additives, microbials and molds and only after an individual becomes a licensed medical cannabis patient.

Possession and the use of medical marihuana must be authorized by a doctor as a medical treatment. This is the only legal way to purchase, use and carry medical marihuana in Canada today. Marihuana is a drug that is made up of the leaves, flowers, and buds of the hemp plant Cannabis sativa. Medical Marihuana is used in the treatment of many symptoms including back pain, pain, nausea, fibromyalgia, IBS, seizures, migraines, lack of appetite and more.

TURTLE ISLAND HOLISTIC MEDICINES is committed to providing every client medical cannabis certification services that every individual across Canada can afford, regardless of geographical remoteness and within the Canadian Federal Government’s new (ACMPR) access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulation Program.We provide education and access to Doctors who are educated about and support the use of Medical Marihuana. Our professional and caring team of Medical Co-ordinators provide certification services that allow individuals to have possession of, carry and use medical marihuana within the laws of Canada.

To start the process of obtaining your medicinal marihuana license, you will be contacted by one of our patient coordinators who will make the time to talk about whether medical cannabis might be right for you. We then complete a medical intake form and set you up with an appointment to see one of our cannabis friendly doctors. Once you have received approval we will register you with one of Health Canada’s licensed producers that will allow you to legally purchase, use and carry medical marihuana.

In Canada, it is against the law to possess, sell, or grow marihuana without legal permission from Health Canada. People who have certain health problems can buy a limited amount of medical marihuana for their own use, and licensed producers can grow and provide medical marihuana to licensed medical cannabis patients.

Many physicians today would like to prescribe medical marihuana to their patients, but unfortunately to many mainstream physicians have limited medical marihauna knowledge, certification experience or the time or want to do the necessary paperwork required for an individual to secure their own personal medical cannabis license through Health Canada. Our Certification Services for Access to Medical Marihauna is non-intrusive, simple, fast and affordable.

At TURTLE ISLAND HOLISTIC MEDICINES we believe all individuals, including medical cannabis patients, their friends, families, and supporters throughout all of Canada should be afforded access to a supply of high quality and affordable cannabis using MEDICAL MARIHUANA strictly as a medical treatment regardless of income and or geographical remoteness. We make your certification authorization by a doctor to become a Canadian licensed medical cannabis patient easy, fast and affordable, allowing you to legally have possession of, carry and use medical marihuana within the laws of Canada.

Turtle Island Holistic Medicines is committed to working with all Canadians, Non-Native, First Nation and Inuit indigenous individuals and their community leaders across Canada in our joint efforts to eradicate the use of opiates, oxycontin, percocets, and so many other harmful prescription drugs that have now created a very serious health crisis in far to many Canadian communities today.



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