MEDICAL MARIHUANA  – Turtle Island Holistic Medicines believe strongly in the cultural and personal use of medical marihauna for medical purposes.

The declaration through the United Nations reaffirmation of Indigenous Inherent Rights is within the guidelines of the Canadian (ACMPR) access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulation Program. Turtle Island Holistic Medicines is committed to working with all Canadians, Non-Native, First Nation and Inuit individuals and their community leaders across Canada. It is the implementation of this program and our joint effort to eradicate the use of opiates and benzodiazepines along with the misuse of other harmful prescription drugs which have now created a very serious health crisis today in far to many Canadian communities.

We provide education and access to Doctors who are educated about and support the use of Medical Marihuana. TURTLE ISLAND HOLISTIC MEDICINES provides certification services under the Canadian (ACMPR) access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulation program. Our Cannabis Care Team consisting of physicians and caring Medical Co-ordinators will provide assistance through the application process assisting you and your approval. Medical cannabis can be administered using a variety of methods which will be advised by your health care provider upon consultation to meet your medical marihauna medical needs.
The earliest records of marihuana came from ancient Chinese and has found its way to many regions of the world. It was widely used for medicine and spiritual purposes. Using marihuana as a medicine is nothing new to indigenous cultures throughout the world, marihuana has been considered a sacred herb and used in spiritual traditions since the beginning of time.
Turtle Island Holistic Medicines believe medical marihuana should be available to all Canadians regardless of geographical regions. It is their belief that the use of medical marihuana to alleviate pain and discomfort to all Canadians as a natural method and a way of eradicating the misuse of opioids and benzodiazepines, and so many other harmful prescription drugs in both non-native and native communities.
Our team of holistic indigenous professionals emphasize client education along with providing an excellent pre-care/after-care service program that promotes holistic medical marihuana certification, for medical purposes .



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