TURTLE ISLAND HOLISTIC MEDICINES CERTIFICATION  SERVICES – Under the Canadian (ACMPR) access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulation program now in effect, the decision to use marihuana for medical purposes is now between the patient and physician alone. A patient must be followed by a family doctor or specialist within the past year to be eligible for an appointment. If you do not have a cooperating family doctor, you can frequent a walk-in clinic.

All medical documentation must be accessible from the physician, records department, hospital or walk-in clinic. 

To be eligible for medical marihuana you will need to provide medical documentation confirming your diagnosis by a Doctor or a health care practitioner. We will provide you with a qualified doctor from our Cannabis Care Team with special interests and expert knowledge in medical marihuana. Please note that we cannot provide you with a family doctor or specialist for your primary care. However, our Medical Co-ordinators are on standby 365 days a year to walk you through the paperwork processes required for your medicinal certification, all of which is included with our services.



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