Help us to eradicate prescription opiates and illicit drug use within First Nations  and Inuit communities across Canada

*** Youth 18 and Younger and Special Needs ***

Children and youth under the age of 18 are not permitted by Canadian law to use recreational marijuana. Youth 18 and Younger and or special needs of many can access Health Canada Pharmaceutical grade marijuana for medical purposes with a referral from your family physician or First Nations Health Practitioner in order to gain an approved patient subscription, allowing you
full legal access to Health Canada marijuana for medical purposes.

Inlight of the illicit drugs and opiate prescription crisis in far to many communities across Canada,
both in indigenous communities, urban towns and cities, Turtle Island Medicines is providing a healthy, legal and natural alternative to illicit and pharmaceutical prescription drug use that includes prescribed opiates.

Help us eradicate pharmaceutical over-prescription drug use including prescribed opiates and or other harmful and or illicit drugs in our communities.